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In a world not so far away, there were two neighboring kingdoms: Berland and Birland. These kingdoms shared a rich history and many similarities, but they had a unique linguistic quirk that set them apart. The Berlandish language and the Birlandish language were remarkably similar, almost like twin siblings. However, a fascinating twist made translating between these languages a challenging task.

You see, in Berlandish, words were spelled and pronounced in reverse compared to their counterparts in Birlandish. For instance, if you wanted to say "hello" in Berlandish, it would be "olleh," while in Birlandish, it was simply "hello." This linguistic quirk added a layer of complexity to communication between the two kingdoms.

Now, let's meet Vasya, a young linguist with a passion for languages and a mission to bridge the gap between Berland and Birland. One day, he encountered the word "sotnev" in Berlandish. Determined to impress the locals in Birland, Vasya attempted to translate it into Birlandish. After careful consideration, he confidently declared the Birlandish translation as "ventos."

Here's the question that arises from Vasya's translation attempt:
Did Vasya correctly translate the Berlandish word into the Birlandish word correctly ?


Input Format
The first line contains word s, the second line contains word t. The words consist of lowercase Latin letters. The input data do not consist unnecessary spaces. The words are not empty and their lengths do not exceed 100 symbols.

Output Format
If answer to the question is correct Then print YES, otherwise print NO.

Example 1


Its Self Explainatory

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